Fall is upon us and the countdown to 2020 begins. The Lake Anna Real Estate market as previously reported is continuing its upward trend.  We are all very encouraged that buyers have been responding to the low interest rates and the strong economy. So if you are thinking of selling your home know that there are buyers out there willing, able and ready to buy. Currently our market is working for both sellers and buyers and Lake Anna‘s real estate market has proven to be on the rebound the past several years. The three key signs to a rebound is simply due to the fact that existing and pending sales are trending up along with buyer traffic. I am very happy to report to you that these important indicators are currently happening at the lake.

As they say the proof is in the pudding and I am pleased to provide you those numbers. Last year there was a total of 248 homes sold at the lake and it is noteworthy that 48 of those sold in the last three months of the year. October, November and December has been proven to be good sales months at the lake. Last year we sold 20 homes in December alone. Since the beginning of the year we have sold 190 homes including 29 pending, and if all closes that totals 219 so we are on track to beat last year’s numbers.  It is also exciting to report that more luxury homes sold so far this year compared to all of last year. This year we have sold 34 homes over $800,000 and only 26 were sold in 2018. Keep in mind that we still have 3 months to add to these numbers. New home sales are also trending up. 10 new homes sold last year and out of those only 3 were waterfront. Currently this year we have sold 12 new homes with 8 being waterfront. So it is safe to say that everyone, sellers, buyers, investors and builders are enjoying the fruits of our current market.

The same is happening with Land sales at the lake and each year we are seeing an improvement in the sales number. However, it is a slow and steady pace but the good news is, it’s increasing.  In 2018, 88 lots sold and 18 of those sold in the last quarter. So comparing year to date that would be 70 compared to 75 Lots sold this year, including 16 pending sales. In regards to waterfront lot sales, 37 sold in all of 2018 and currently we have 31 sold with 3 more months to go.  So once again we are on track to pass last year’s number.

Last but not least it is well worth mentioning that we have a vibrant & growing rental market.  We have noticed in the past several years many vacationers are trending towards freshwater lake vacations especially at Lake Anna. Owning a second home can provide you rental income, a retirement head start including long term profits. Plus consider the familiarity of returning to the same place time after time. Allowing you the freedom to be yourself and create long term relationships with other Laker’s. Also, it is a big advantage to conveniently store items that are used exclusively at the lake which helps to simplify travel and packing.

In closing I want to remind you that it really is a good time to buy. An experienced Local Lake Agent will be able to help you, so get your must have list together and come explore all your options. We look forward to seeing you at the Lake!